Monday, August 31, 2009

Truth or Consequences

While this image will likely never promote tourism, it commemerates and is in honor of the New Mexico Town that I am attatched to. If anyone knows what the lettering that the spiffy tiger is displaying, please share! Truth or Consequences is also the home of my next public showing, starting with a Gala Opening, Saturday, September 12, (2009) from 6pm til 8-9pm or so, at the Happy Belly Deli, on Broadway. It is very likely that members, if not all, of the Conspiracy of the Insignificant (New Mexico's Foremost Music and Arts Ensemble), will be performing! . Keep an eye on this blog for updates!


I could easily live in a room using this background as wall paper. Maybe not, but the idea of that sort of green world appeals to some part of my inner vision. I LOVE the Um Kit a Rat Trap Si Si Do, which I believe is the title of some archaic attempt at a catchy hit song title. I personally have a large print of this one by my coffee maker! Join me in my delusions!

Give Me Home

One of my show business failure/heroes, Harry Langdon, a man who accidentally became a genius, tops this early 20th century looking re-complication. A Pathetic Story, indeed, a purplesome saga of bats and a walrus that will play itself out over whatever amount of time that at least one version of this image exists. Should the last copy of this artwork be destroyed, all bets are off. You can help fight entropy by ordering an archival quality art print of your own! !

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Speak a Kind Word

Isn't this one incredible? There is so much beyond the simple combination of shapes. These elements, in all their far-flung original incarnations, were destined to eventually be part of this work. Perhaps, even destined to grace your favorite wall!


Teddy Roosevelt was an incredible character! Aside from that, his head makes for fun collaging! All of the layers of perception that are turned into amusing mishmosh make this work rewarding. Own your favorite(s):


A pawnbroker for you. I'd swap in everything for an orangy life. There is a time and a place for everything, I only want one thing, should be simple, no?

Friday, August 28, 2009


No one could say, for sure, why Ezra adamantly refused to eat eggs. This one might match your wallpaper. Or, if you are ambitious, we could make it your wallpaper. I can only hope that the immense fun involved in filling these spaces with eye-affecting pieces comes through in the final vision.

Ebenezer Green

Proof that we have been visited by unknown forces from another world! Living in New Mexico in the fabled town of Truth or Consequences has only furthered my belief in forces well beyond our capacity to comprehend! This evidence is available printed as large as 17 x 22" !! for any comments or queries!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Even the fish have some orange to them! Yes, dear friends, even more fish motif action and super-candy colors combine in this particularly garish work. Perhaps a textile design for an entirely new conception in fabrics! I can see the trousers, now! Consider decorating your life with some of my art!


Simple, pure and should probably be used as a CD cover or something like it, eventually. Wanna? Contact me at !

Modern Dramatics

Migrations and other orderly methods of travel. Nowhere else in the history of art have such specifically diverse images joined together in order to tickle your retinas. PQ Ribber has gone the extra distance and made these transpositions occur in such a way as to make them available to those who need them in delicious, archival quality art prints! for further instructions and check back here for news, new art, podcasts and amazing links, over yonder in the leftmost column.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This piece is probably not finished yet, but I have included it anyway. I want to cover a wall with many wallet-sized prints of this one and invite people over for my special homemade french bread pizzas. Sometimes I make them on garlic bread and serve the sauce, cool, on the side, for dipping. These Native American boaters aren't going anywhere, from the looks of things. Patience. for prints, custom work and artful arts.

HAPPY 2008

I have always been an afficianado of turn-of-the-century (the 1899-1900s one) cartooning and Frederick Burr Opper's Happy Hooligan with his tin can hat and mindless smile is iconic to me. This is my own tribute to Happy and I hope other fans like it as well.


The super-secret hand shake of the Conspiracy of the Insignificant is celebrated with aquatic imagery. The turtle's name is Roger. There is a very important message that this piece represents, some say, but I've looked at it for hours and all I see are some happy fish and a cool, 19th century-style turtle named Roger. Want to buy a print - signed by the artist?

Get The Gringos

The book hasn't been written yet and probably never will be, but this is an illustration from it. All sorts of dualities, singularities and archetypical truths are revealed if you contemplate this image carefully. is responsible for this and you may wish to own your very own copy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gem Dandy

There is joy in repetition, sometimes. Architectural Poultry? Faceted Beings? No one else seems to be doing work like this. Suitable for framing. You may need this and/or other PQ Ribber artwork to enhance your living or work space. for inquiries, custom work and explanations.


A time well before the digital age is revisited digitally. Fish, again. I am not at all sure why all the fish aside from the visceral visual appeal. Part of the 2009 Series. Even though I made these collages, each time I see one and am re-confronted with what I have done, I wonder, all over again, exactly what it all is supposed to mean. if you have answers, questions, or want to own some cool PQ Ribber art perhaps.


One of my favorites, despite the fact that I never was able to dissect a frog on the couple of occasions when it was incumbent upon me to do so. I could never be a surgeon, I can't even pop a blister... But I digress from the awesome and powerful image, above... Frogs in submission.. You can own your very own art archival print of this and any of these other pictures and support this artist at the same time! for more information and always stop back here to see more cool stuff!

Conspiracy of the Insignificant

I am also, aside from being the innovator of these visual treats, a member of New Mexico's Foremost Musical Combination, the Conspiracy of the Insignificant. I have done numerous images for our podcasts and podcast site, like this spiffy Old-School Baseball creation. Somewhere below in the post archive is a widget/thingy that will play you some of these internet broadcasts or merely search Conspiracy of the Insignificant in any reliable search engine and I am sure you will find something amusing. wants you to buy some art!

Frisky 2009

On rare occasions, a word is worth 1000 pictures. Your eyes never expected to see anything like these collages, but as long as they have, perhaps you might decide to participate in this project by embellishing your surroundings with archival art prints! Buy direct from the artist! pq.ribber@gmail - write me and ask me about it - or tell me something fun!


Who wouldn't like to be able to move stealthfully through purple nights, ninja-style? Sometimes a simple design is so effective! All-purpose art from the PQ Ribber Collection - this is part of my 2009 Series and doubtless will be seen at the show, at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico's own Happy Belly Deli starting the evening of September 12th! for more information!


The colors are so edible and candy-like in this one. Dangling scouts, fish again, Orangyness! Time passage imbues certain inconsequential concepts with a mystique that is beyond anything the originator could imagine. This is an 8 x 10" image or smaller when archivally printed. Treat yourself to this delicious art:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's an ostensible artist to do when the images match up in so many interesting ways? This one comes out punching, ready to run and dynamically dilligent! Available in popular sizes and custom configurations! for queries and purchase information.


Golfers in a green world. This one is spiffy, isn't it? Part of my most recent series of collages and certainly seems to be a favorite, already! This Driving Range is bound for glory! Extruded sporting events from the PQ Ribber Collection!

Scientific Kissing

Flowers and critters and a dream that, like wisps of smoke, comes round and round and turns out in brilliant colors. Fish, again... also felines. This is a 17 x 22" work and can be sized/formatted to fit your existing frame or space. This one was part of my very first show, at M Gallery, in Truth or Consequences. The turtle is towards the top... Ask me questions at !
Deceptively simple and yet this combination has a mysterious charisma. Makes for an excellent wall decoration!


Yes, Charles Laughton lurks amid a chromolithographic land. The number of images that the average human processes in a day is a staggering figure. These collages fix elements in some sort of timeless time. Are they art - or merely decorative assemblages? I so much like making these pictures...

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hieroglyphic bucket of entertainium archetypes! Balance and chaos make another attempt to come to terms in their endless dance. This piece is a doctorate in art psychology in itself and you can own a vibrant, archival quality art print by contacting me at .

Road Trip 2009

Going, going, going.... This particular collage might not be finished, yet. However, it is in some state of completion and I like how it is, even if it could be more over and underlaid with further mysteries and maybe some more fishes. These images are not only available, as-is, but can be customized to your needs. If you have a frame, these can be sized to fit. If you have a vision that needs added to one of these, it can likely be done. Contact me at and become a patron of this art!


Things that don't normally go together can still co-exist and thrive. Colors, shapes and forms and all of the inner language that such combinations evoke are the fun part of creating and viewing these pieces. Art Hop, September 2009 at the Happy Belly Deli is the next time you can see these works publicly displayed! All of these unusual concoctions are available in wonderful, high quality archival prints, signed by the artist and suitable for framing/display as you wish! E-mail me at! These works are quite nice and VERY affordable!

Friday, August 21, 2009


This image (one of my 2006 works) evokes how the place I live was made. The American fascination with sport has even penetrated my own work. The Elephant Butte Dam is just a few miles away and this town called Truth or Consequences wouldn't be here if not for the dam. Construction and man and nature... A long story, but it is so. If you are visiting the Southwest, you certainly should stop in and see some cool art and take some hot mineral baths! You can own a signed, archival art print of this and any of these other works by emailing - Custom work available!


We have carefully considered and combined the relics found at site 115 and concocted an attempt at a visualisation of this ancient culture. You may purchase high-quality archival art prints of the results of our research that make wonderful wall adornments and come to you, signed by the artist! Write to for more information!


Sometimes, when I first wake, certain indescribable thoughts and visions are sensed - slipping away back into the mysterious part of my mind that I only am permitted to catch these brief glimpses of.... Pugilists and flowers with a touch of puppetry seem to go hand in boxer. Yes, indeed this is available as a vivid archival quality digital print! Email me at to find out how YOU can own one!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Digital collage work by PQ Ribber (myself) goes all sorts of unexpected ways.


Now that I have grown myself a beard, (by special request) I find that I am more apt to use images with them. Bees are somehow a natural juxtaposition as well as the young scooter hooligan signalling for a turn to the right. This is available in gorgeous and brilliant archival quality prints custom sized up to 8 by 10". Own genuine, signed PQ Ribber art - email me at to find out how!


These bruins are doggedly seeking something off the edge of our view. It may simply be one bear experiencing duality overload. A 2009 series collage, this beauty is available sized up to 8 x 10", gloss or matte finish archival quality. Simply email me at and you will be amazed how affordable and superb these collages are!

AMONG a digital collage available in ltd edition art print!

Fish and more fish and a Green World confront the swimmer's universe. "Among", is one of my 2009 series of digital collages specifically designed for online sale. It will be part of my next show at the "Happy Belly Deli", on Broadway, here in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It is a smaller piece - available custom sized up to 8 x 10" on archival matte or glossy stock using archival pigments. Inquiries, as ever, to .